3 Common Causes of a Sewer Backup

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3 Common Causes of a Sewer Backup

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Nobody wants their sewer to back up! After all, a sewer backlog will likely cause serious issues for your home. At the absolute least, it interferes with your schedule and detracts from your peace of mind.

Knowing what can cause a sewer backup in Plano will help you prevent your sewer line from backing up in the first place. If you’re having an issue with your sewer line in Plano, this information can also help you figure out what may be causing it.

Read on to learn more or simply give our Plano sewer and drain experts a call today!

1) Clogs

Your sewer line, like your pipes, can become blocked, albeit it normally takes more waste or debris to jam a sewer line than it does a pipe, simply because sewer lines have a bigger diameter than the other plumbing pipes in your home.

When more than one drain in your home is clogged or you have unusual draining problems (for example, your bathtub fills with water every time your washer drains), you likely have a sewer backup.

You can help prevent clogs by:

  • Limiting and being mindful of what you put down the toilet (waste and toilet paper should be the only things!)
  • Not putting things like egg shells, coffee grounds or fibrous foods down your garbage disposal
  • Not putting oil or grease down your kitchen sink drain

2) Broken or Collapsed Sewer Lines

If you have an older property in Plano with a clay or cast iron main sewer line, a broken or collapsed sewer line could be the source of your problem. These materials erode with age and will eventually break.

A damaged or collapsed line is far less common with the new plastic or PVC pipes. Because they don’t decay as quickly, homes with them have less sewer problems overall.

3) Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause two types of Plano sewer line problems, both of which can result in sewer backups in your home. Tree roots can grow into your sewer pipe, clogging it completely. They can also form a ring around the line and eventually crush it.

A tree does not have to be exactly over the sewer line either for these problems to occur. It might not even be in your yard! The root systems of most trees are as vast as their branch systems, and they naturally seek out grow towards water and waste. The absence of a tree doesn’t necessarily rule out tree roots as the source of your sewer problem.

Plano Sewer Experts Ready to Help!

If you have a sewer backup, suspect you have one, or any sewer line problem at all, reach out to the Plano sewer line repair experts at DNA Plumbing right away. Don’t put off dealing with these issues because they will only get worse!

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