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Can a Natural Gas Leak Cause an Explosion?

Can a Natural Gas Leak Cause an Explosion?

Here in Texas, many of our homes and businesses are powered by natural gas. While there are many advantages to using this generally safe and clean resource for energy, it's not without its drawbacks. Like any fuel, it is explosive and needs to be handled with care.

Below, we've answered some frequently asked questions about natural gas leaks.

Is Natural Gas Explosive?

A natural gas leak can create an explosion if there is an ignition source and the leak is severe enough. While this is fairly rare, gas leaks are incredibly dangerous and should be handled with urgency. If you detect leaking natural or propane gas inside your home or business, take note of where you detected the leak and immediately call your local gas company to report the leak.

Is a Small Gas Leak Dangerous?

Surely a tiny gas leak isn't a big deal, right? Think again. When it comes to natural gas, any amount of leakage comes with a risk of explosion. If you're dealing with what seems like a small natural gas leak, we urge you to treat the situation as an emergency and immediately call your local service for gas line repair. While you wait for help to arrive, be sure to move away from the structure to an area of clean air so that you're not breathing in any gas.

What Does a Gas Leak Smell Like?

One of the first signs of a gas leak is a smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. Because natural gas is odorless, your local gas company infuses a chemical called mercaptan, which has a very distinctive odor, into your gas supply so that you can quickly detect a leak. Smaller leaks can be harder to spot, however, especially if they pop up in an area of your home with less foot traffic.

What are Some Signs of a Gas Leak?

The number one sign of a gas leak is the sulfuric or rotten-cabbage odor, as described above. But even if you can't smell the problem, there are plenty of other signs to watch out for, including:

  • A hissing sound from a gas supply line
  • Dead or dying plants
  • Onset of physical symptoms like headache and nausea
  • Air bubbles in puddles of standing water
  • Higher than normal gas bills

Physical Symptoms of a Gas Leak

Natural gas is toxic, so you may start to feel physical effects after an extended leak.

Some medical repercussions of prolonged gas exposure include:

  • Dizziness
  • Itchy throat and eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Respiratory issues
  • Headache

Who is Responsible for Gas Line Repair Costs?

If you are in a situation where you need gas line repair, financial responsibility depends on where the leak occurs. D-N-A Plumbing will be happy to provide a pressure test and fix the line, though you should definitely call your utility company first to turn off the gas.

  • If the leak originated inside your home, your family will be responsible for the repair costs
  • If the leak started on the street line, the gas company will pay for the repairs

The only part that varies is the connecting pipe between the street line and your gas meter; some utility companies cover this area, while others do not.

Who Do I Call for Gas Line Repair & Pressure Testing in Plano?

Are you having problems with low gas pressure, or do you suspect a gas leak? Talk with one of our experts about getting a pressure test for your system. Natural and propane gas leaks are very dangerous. While explosions may be rare, make sure you respond quickly if you detect a leak!

Call D-N-A Plumbing today at (214) 935-3969 or contact us online to schedule a gas leak detection and repair service in Plano!


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