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Did you know that we have technology that allows us to see down your sewer line in Plano, TX? It’s true! Just give our drain and sewer service team a call and we will be there soon! We’ll get you the images of your sewer line that you need so you can make informed decisions about buying a home or repairing your line.

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Plano Sewer Camera Inspection

Before the latest plumbing technology, we would need to excavate sections of the yard to pinpoint that buried leak. That is no longer the case. Now, plumbers can use video cameras to discover breaks, clogs, collapsed sewer lines, corrosion, intrusive roots, and other damages in your sewer line without destroying your yard.


How Does a Plano Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

Our drain and sewer experts can send a camera on a flexible cable down your line, recording as it goes. The camera gives us a 360 degree view of your sewer line, so we can spot cracks, breaks, and clogs as we go. It also gives us depth readings on your sewer, so we can see if there are bellies or other problems in your line. Finally, the camera is detectable from the surface, so we can determine exactly where your sewer problems are in relation to features of your yard.

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Benefits of Getting a Sewer Inspection in Plano

Video camera plumbing inspections offer a number of benefits:

  • You will be able to see the problem yourself
  • Labor costs and service time is reduced substantially
  • Considerably faster
  • Less intrusive than prior techniques
  • While tunneling is sometimes necessary for sewer repairs, camera inspections help our plumbers avoid unnecessary trauma to your yard. Cameras enable us to make services, from leak repairs to inspections, quick and efficient for customers.

When to Call for a Sewer Camera Inspection

Call us for a sewer camera inspection in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas whenever you need to see down your sewer line.

We help people when:

  • They need to make a repair to their sewer
  • They are purchasing property. We can help you see down the line to make sure you aren’t buying someone else’s problem. We can also advise you of any sewer maintenance or issues that might come up later, based on what we see.
  • They have lost something down their sewer line. If it’s stuck in the line, we can not only find it but we have the technology to retrieve it for you, too.
  • They want to know the state of their sewer. If you haven’t looked down your sewer line in a few years, our camera can let you know if there are any problems so you can address them before they become major issues.

Call us at DNA Plumbing to schedule your sewer camera inspection in Plano, TX and the Dallas-Fort Worth area today! We’ll be out fast to get you the images you need so you can know what is going on down your drains and sewer line.

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