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Whether you need to fix a burst pipe after a rare Texas deep freeze, or a leaking faucet is finally just too obnoxious to stand, DNA Plumbing’s skilled Plano plumbers can provide fast and reliable pipe repair service. Watching out for pipe leaks and bursts is not easy since there are so many various things that can happen to your piping. Therefore, your smartest bet is to react swiftly as soon as a leak or Plano pipe burst does occur. DNA Plumbing is on standby 24/7 to fulfill your requirement for broken pipe repair. Our professionals provide dependable, 24/7 Plano plumbing services of all types with professional craftsmanship as well as affordable prices.

Does your home have a burst pipe due to frigid weather? Give our Plano plumbers a call right away for service anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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What to Do If Your Pipes Burst in Plano

A Plano burst pipe can be an alarming experience, but it’s extremely important that you remain calm (while at the same time acting quickly). At the first sign of water coming from a broken pipe, immediately turn off your water from your home’s main water shutoff. Then, grab some towels and start mopping up as much water as you can in order to mitigate as much damage as possible to your flooring and walls. Once the water is off and you’ve got a handle on the situation, give our emergency Plano plumbers a call. DNA Plumbing has ample experience fixing frozen and burst pipes and can respond to your call quickly!

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Dangers Of Frozen Pipes in Plano

Just like anywhere else, the water in your home’s pipe system is vulnerable to freezing when exposed to sudden chills or extended cold weather. Water expands as it freezes, placing additional pressure on your pipes. Eventually, water expands so much that it ruptures weaker pipes. This can cause significant interior damage and elevated water bills, so make sure your plumbing system is protected during the winter. In worst case scenarios, pipes beneath your slab can burst and leak chilled water into your foundation. The expansion process can start again and crack the foundation, leading to even more serious repairs.

Additionally, in Texas, when cold weather strikes, the ground can freeze, compress, and as a result burst your pipes or gas line that’s underground. Fortunately, at DNA Plumbing we can handle those pipe burst repairs in Plano, too.

Avoiding Frozen Pipes in Plano

The easiest way to avoid frozen pipes is to check your weather forecast. In Plano, freezing temperatures have been known to pop up as late as the month of April. If temperatures start to trend down towards the lower 30s, make sure you allow your water to drip.

You Can Also Follow These Helpful Tips:

  • Store outdoor hoses in the garage or shed and keep the doors closed.
  • Open your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors open to let the warm air from the heater in.
  • Make sure your indoor temperature is at 55°F or higher, even if you are not at home.
  • Wrap your pipes with insulation.

All these will help you avoid frozen pipes, which can be a pain to replace or repair. Thankfully, in the event your pipes suddenly burst from frigid temperatures, our plumbers are available to fix your busted pipes. Learn more about winterizing your Plano plumbing in our blog.

Types of Pipes

Repair times, as well as costs, can change from project to project, particularly according to what type of pipes you have. As a typical rule, you can count on piping such as PVC to be less costly, but not as enduring as some of the more costly piping kinds.

Other type of pipes we work with include:

  • Copper
  • PEX (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
  • Chromed brass
  • Chromed copper

No matter what pipe repair in Plano you need, our plumbers will make it happen so you can get back to your life!

Reliable Broken Pipe Repair in Plano & Beyond

We are prepared to assist you with all kinds of piping services, including projects as large as home repiping or as minuscule as a basic pipe repair. Our team at DNA Plumbing is waiting to schedule your appointment as well as provide you with dependable broken pipe repair!

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We take pride in the level of expertise and care that we display on every service call and our knowledge of industry standards. When you need a plumber, our trusted techs are ready to walk you through your plumbing issue and provide a lasting solution. Call DNA for your plumbing needs today!

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