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When a home’s sewer water must move uphill to reach the main line, a force other than gravity will have to be applied. In these instances, an ejector pump or a lift station is applied to drive your wastewater through your pipe system to reach the main sewer pipe.

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What is the Difference Between an Ejector Pump & a Lift Station?

  • An ejector pump is often used in homes with underground utility, laundry rooms, or finished basements, so wastewater can get the extra push when moving towards your sewage.
  • lift station, on the other hand, relies on ejector pumps to move your water from your building to the main sewage line.

If you are looking for information about the right ejector pump, sewer lift station, or both, our drain and sewer experts offer details on system types, expenses, and performance so you can make an educated decision.

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Pump System & Lift Station Repairs

DNA Plumbing offers reliable repair and replacement services when your existing ejector pump or lift station is starting to exhibit signs of wear or damage. Whether you have pipe clogs, a burnt out motor, or any problem in between, our professionals have the experience needed to provide optimal repair to your pump or lift station. We perform a complete assessment of your system to provide options that are both effective and affordable.

Be sure your home’s sewage ejector pump and lift station are always efficient with the help our sewer repair experts. Call (214) 799-8080 now to request a service!

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