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Plano Leak Detection & Repair

Utilizing Advanced Techniques & Technology

Are you worried that you may have a plumbing leak in your home? Older methods of leak detection meant digging up a large portion of the property’s yard, which required a large team of plumbing professionals. At D-N-A Plumbing, our Plano plumbers use innovative, more cost-effective methods like plumbing cameras to locate your water leak with no need for costly digging. These techniques help our experts provide water leak repair that is more affordable and hassle-free.

Call (214) 935-3969 to schedule a plumbing leak repair in Plano or anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Warning Signs of a Leak

Multiple details can lead to leaks within your buried pipes, including invasive tree roots, or plain aging and wear. Typically these leaks start small, making it difficult to identify them until they become serious. This could turn into a huge amount of leaked water in the future.

To Identify Small Leaks, Be Sure To Keep An Eye On The Following:

  • Sudden increase or abrupt changes in your water bill
  • Low water pressure
  • Wet spots on the floor or yard
  • Extra lush greenery in the yard
  • Peeling or bubbling paint on your walls
  • The sound of water trickling or running even when no faucet is turned on
  • Moving water meter even when with the main valve turned off

    At D-N-A Plumbing, we are trained, experienced, and ready to help you with any type of plumbing leak you may have.

    Benefits of Video Plumbing Leak Detection & Repair

    Many of our customers are concerned that new advances in leak detection and repair will be more costly than past styles. In the plumbing world, you can depend on technological advancements to effectively cut down on your cost, as it converts a multi-plumber project into a one-man job. You are also able to see your home’s damaged pipe for a complete picture of what you can expect when it comes to your repair. However serious the problem, from root damage to clogs, our video plumbing leak detection, and repair methods can locate it efficiently and affordably. By using these modern innovations we can repair your plumbing leaks quicker than ever.

    Dangers Of Untreated Leaks

    While some leaks are hidden or difficult to locate, it’s crucial you hire a professional team to inspect your home at the first inclination of a leak. Neglecting a leak on your property can lead to expensive and devastating damage. That’s why we advise you to reach out to our Plano leak repair experts as soon as you notice any of the warning signs. We can assess your home, find the exact location of the leak, and provide a quick resolution.

    Leaving a Leak Unrepaired Can Cause:

    • Significant damage to your floors, walls, and ceiling
    • Mold, which can be hazardous to the health of you and your family
    • Higher than normal water bills
    • Deterioration of your piping system, which can include corrosion or rusting, and damage to the sewer lines
    • An overall negative effect on the structure of your property, if left untreated long enough

    What is a Slab Leak?

    While slab leaks are known to be pretty serious, not every Plano homeowner is completely sure on what a slab leak actually is. In an effort to protect your house from slab leaks, it is important to understand how they form and how to detect one.

    Slab leaks are plumbing leaks that begin in the water lines located below the concrete foundation of your home (the "slab"). Because these pipes are underground and surrounded by concrete, they are not easy to get to and sometimes are tricky to detect. Our Plano slab leak detection professionals are capable of finding leaks with efficient, non-invasive methods. Once we identify a leak, our plumbing experts can also utilize advanced tunneling techniques that minimize or prevent damage to your slab.

    Plumbing Tunneling vs. Slab Cutting

    As a homeowner, the last thing you want to hear is that you have a plumbing leak under your slab. Thoughts of costly tear down and floor repair begin to form. Thanks to modern plumbing, however, our Plano slab leak repair experts are now able to employ other methods than slab cutting. Instead of cutting through your floor straight to the damaged area, new plumbing advances have allowed for techniques like plumbing tunneling, which requires no floor entry or interior damage repair. In homes that have multiple leaks, plumbing tunneling methods are sometimes able to save hundreds in repair costs. Tunneling also allows homeowners to remain in the home while repairs are completed.

    Effective Plano Slab Leak Repairs Without the Damage

    D-N-A Plumbing is always on the lookout for new procedures to ensure that we always deliver the best plumbing services in the area. When you suspect a slab leak in your home, don’t wait until it is too late. Leaks such as these can lead to big problems very quickly. Our Plano plumbers will work to locate your leak fast and repair the leak without sacrificing your flooring or your time. We also provide guidance and information about the slab leak repair process so you are always aware of what’s going on.

    Don’t put off your repairs. If you suspect that your home has an underground water leak or even a leak under your slab, call us right away at (214) 935-3969.

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