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If your drains or sewer line isn’t working the way you need them to, call us at DNA Plumbing today. We offer a complete line of drain and sewer services in Plano, TX so we’ll be able to fix your plumbing, no matter what is going on. Rely on our team of experts today or whenever you next need help with your drain or sewer lines!

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Our Drain & Sewer Services

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Drain Cleaning

When you need drain cleaning in Plano, TX or the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call us at DNA Plumbing. We’ll get to you quickly, find out where your clog is and what it’s made up of, and then take the necessary steps to get rid of it. We have a wide variety of drain cleaning methods at our disposal, so we are certain we can get rid of your clog fast. When you want to work with professional plumbers who take your clogs seriously, call us ASAP.

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Sewer Inspections

Our video camera will take a look inside your sewer system and get you footage of what is going on down there. That way, you can make wise choices about sewer cleaning, sewer repair, and more. We can also help you with a sewer inspection in Plano, TX if you are buying a new home. Our team will ensure you don’t experience any sewer surprises after you buy.

Sewer Line Repair

Our team of plumbers will complete your sewer line repair in Plano, TX and the Dallas-Fort Worth area ASAP. We’ll find out what’s wrong with your sewer line, then figure out the best plan to get it fixed fast. Our team will get right to work and we won’t rest until you can use your sewer normally once again.

Sewer Line Replacement

If you need a sewer line replacement in Plano, we are here for you. We’ll make sure that replacement is the best option for fixing your sewer problems. Then, we’ll get to work and get that new sewer in fast. Ask one of our plumbers if this is an option for you today.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting in Plano, TX involves spraying a pressurized stream of water into your pipes. We control both the pressure and the direction of the spray, so we can aim it and your clogs and get rid of them fast. We can also use hydro jetting to spray off the sides of your pipes and leave them looking like they are brand new.

Ejector Pumps & Lift Stations

If your plumbing system uses ejector pumps and lift stations to remove waste from your home, we can help you with all of your repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance needs. Our team will get to you fast and figure out what you need so we can help you get your plumbing back to normal soon.

Grinder Pumps

If your home is lower in elevation than your sewer main and you rely on a grinder pump in Plano, TX or the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you need a reliable team to help you when that pump breaks down or needs replacement. Look no further than our experts at DNA Plumbing. We’ll be there soon to take care of everything fast.

Your Plano Drain & Sewer Specialists

Contact us at DNA Plumbing whenever you need sewer or drain services in Plano, TX. No matter what is going on with your drains or sewer line, we’ll take care of it fast so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Rely on us today and whenever you have a plumbing need at home!

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We take pride in the level of expertise and care that we display on every service call and our knowledge of industry standards. When you need a plumber, our trusted techs are ready to walk you through your plumbing issue and provide a lasting solution. Call DNA for your plumbing needs today!

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