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Common Winter Plumbing Issues

Common Winter Plumbing Issues

A plumbing nightmare can occur at any time of the year, but the winter is an especially risky season. Cold weather brings about a slew of problems that could leave your plumbing system out of order, or even worse, completely ruined. To prevent the common issues listed below, we recommend getting a winter plumbing checkup from D-N-A Plumbing before the weather gets too cold.

4 Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems

  • Frozen Pipes - Frozen pipes are the most common problem during the winter. If your pipes aren't properly protected from the cold, any part of your plumbing system could potentially be at risk of freezing. When a pipe freezes, it can actually burst and cause a water line leak; so it's not an issue to take lightly. If this happens to you, turn off the water and call a professional immediately.
  • Frozen Septic System - Just like pipes, a septic system can also freeze and potentially burst. This is one of the worst winter plumbing disasters you can experience. Do not hesitate for one second to call a professional plumber if this happens to you. If you think your septic tank might be at risk of freezing, have it inspected now to make sure it is properly protected from the cold.
  • Clogged Pipes and Drains - People have a tendency to put more wear and tear on their plumbing system during the holidays, so clogged drains are a common problem for many. While not one of the more serious winter plumbing issues, a clogged drain can still be a real headache, so it's something to look out for.
  • Broken Water Heater - Water heaters don't last forever, and they have a tendency to fail during the winter when they are working overtime to heat the icy water. If you've already had your water heater for close to 10 years, it may be time to replace it, or at least have it inspected. Otherwise, it may leave you taking ice baths in December.

If you experience any of these plumbing issues this winter, please don't hesitate to call (214) 935-3969 or contact us online. At D-N-A Plumbing our qualified experts can make sure that your pipes are flowing smoothly all winter long in Plano!


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