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Signs of Sewer Line Damage

Signs of Sewer Line Damage

If you've ever been in your bathroom and smelled something foul coming from the toilet or sink, you might have sewer air leaking up into your home. And that unpleasant smell is one of several signs of sewer line damage, but there are several other indicators that you need to have a professional fix your sewer line. Here are a few others.

How To Know If Your Sewer Line Is Broken:

  1. Unusually lush grass in the part of the lawn leading to the street
  2. Sunken lawns or pavers
  3. A pool of septic waster in your yard
  4. Pest problems
  5. A crack in the home’s foundation and sinkholes

Let's dive into the specifics of each sign.

1. Unusually Lush Grass In The Part Of The Lawn Leading To The Street

The sewer line of the home leads to the street where your home's sewage joins the rest of the city's waste. When your sewer line is damaged, part of your lawn is getting extra water and nutrients from your sewer line. This makes your grass extra green and thick.

2. Sunken Lawn or Pavers

The extra water from the cracked sewer line can cause the surrounding soil to sink. This can cause whatever is above the soil to sink down as well.

3. A Pool of Septic Waste in Your Yard

If you see this sign, you could have one of many problems. It could be a broken sewer line or a broken septic tank. This is a pretty obvious sign of sewer problems.

4. Pest Problems

Pests, such as rats, cockroaches, and sewer flies live in the sewers. If you're having pest problems, they might be getting in through cracks in your sewer line. Rats and flies don't need very much room to get in, so don't discount the possibility if you're hearing scratching in your walls.

4. A Crack In The Home's Foundation and Sinkholes

If left untreated, you can even see cracks in your foundation or sinkholes. This is especially true if you live in an area that is above the limestone, a salt bed, and other rocks that are water-soluble. The pooling water breaks down the ground that your house is built on, and this can cause the foundation to crack.

An unpleasant smell is only a small part of your problem if you have sewer damage.

How D-N-A Plumbing Can Help

If you think that you might have plumbing problems, call D-N-A Plumbing right away. D-N-A Plumbing Services knows that you expect a rapid response to your plumbing requests—and we assure you that we will not disappoint. Our plumbers are punctual and get right to troubleshooting the problem as soon as we get to your location. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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