What to Do If Drano Doesn’t Work

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What to Do If Drano Doesn’t Work

unclogging bathroom sink drain with a plunger

Have you ever tried to unclog your clogged drain with Drano (or a similar drain-clearing product), but it just isn’t working? Or maybe you find yourself using Drano constantly, spending a small fortune at the store each month to unpredictable results.

Whatever your situation, Drano isn’t always effective for drain cleaning. However, there are additional drain cleaning techniques you can try before calling a plumber.

Keep reading to learn how to permanently clear your clogged drains, or reach out to our expert Plano plumbers if you have any questions, or need to schedule drain cleaning in Plano or the surrounding area!

Check Your Pantry for Common Ingredients

It may be possible to unclog your drain using a combination of baking soda and vinegar and could prove more effective than reaching for the Drano. Get rid of any standing water in your drain to start. If it seems to be draining slowly, you can wait till it’s gone. Or try using a cup or a large spoon to remove standing water if it isn’t moving.

The next step is pouring one cup each of baking soda and vinegar down the drain. Let it stand for about 30 minutes before trying to clear the clog by pouring warm water down the drain.

Grab a Plunger and Get to Work

Plungers may have a reputation for being used to clear stubborn toilet clogs, but could also clear up clogged drains throughout your home. Before you get started plunging, make sure the plunger forms a firm seal over the drain opening. You may not notice a significant difference at first and need to work on it for several minutes. Spend at least five minutes working on the clogged drain, and if you don’t see any improvement, move onto the next step.

Try Using a Plumbing Snake

You can push or thread a long metal coil called a plumbing snake through your drain. It usually has a pointed end or hook that helps break up or pull out the clogs. You can usually find one at a local hardware store.

Make sure the plumbing snake you purchase is the appropriate length for your drain. You should also be careful how far you push the snake. You should never insert it deeper than 3 to 4 feet. Otherwise, the plumbing snake could become snagged and result in worse plumbing issues! Thread the drain and attempt to clear the clog or to break it up before winding the snake back up.

Call an Experienced Plumber for Plano Drain Cleaning

Sometimes drains have issues that can’t be solved with simple ingredients and quick fixes. Call the team at DNA Plumbing if you are having trouble with a clogged drain or drain cleaning and are unsure how to solve the problem. We can send out an experienced plumber to identify the issue and find a solution so your Plano plumbing returns to normal. Contact us today for prompt, courteous service!

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