Why DFW Hotels Need to Invest in Tankless Water Heaters

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Why DFW Hotels Need to Invest in Tankless Water Heaters

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Imagine your hotel guests coming in from a long trip and checking in to discover that their shower is running ice cold. There are few things that will earn a bad review and taint reputations faster than a lack of hot water. Your guests want on-demand hot water that is reliable, efficient, and plentiful. But what if you have an old plumbing system, a large hotel, or an unpredictable hot water system?

Plano commercial water heaters can help turn around your hotel and build the reputation you deserve. Here’s what to know about making the switch to Plano tankless water heaters and how the team at DNA Plumbing can help.

What Are Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters are freestanding units that heat up your water instantly. They’re also referred to as instantaneous or on-demand water heaters. Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless versions don’t need a storage tank to store a large volume of hot water for later use. Instead, cold water flows through a heater exchange in the tankless unit. Next, it’s heated by natural gas or electricity and sent into the shower or faucet.

What’s the Problem with Traditional, Tank-Based Water Heaters?

Traditional tank water heaters can work fine in small commercial settings or homes, but there are some serious issues, especially for a large volume of users. For starters, tank water heaters take up a huge amount of space to store and require large amounts of water to heat up. It’s inevitable that there’s a limited amount of hot water available for dozens of guests and it’s challenging to regulate and keep the temperature consistent.

Traditional tank-based water heaters are also notorious for being energy inefficient, which means higher operating costs. But perhaps the biggest downside is that they only last for about 5 to 8 years and need frequent replacements or repairs.

Why Should Hotels Make the Switch to Tankless Water Heaters?

If you’re not sure about making the switch to tankless Plano commercial water heaters, here’s what to know about the benefits and how our Plano commercial water heater services can help.

Keeps Your Hot Water Consistent

What happens when everyone in your hotel wants to shower all at once? When under strain from a high volume of use, a traditional tank water heater runs out of water. Guests will quickly feel disgruntled when they can’t take the hot shower they want, when they want it.

Reduces Your Operational Costs

Tankless water systems do more than offer reliable hot water to your guests; they also lower your operational costs. When there’s no need to store the hot water, there’s also no standby heat loss or excess energy spent to warm it back up again.

Get On-Demand Monitoring

The traditional tank water heaters are relying on the same old technology they have been using since they were invented. These tanks can only be monitored by a professional, which cuts into your budget. Intead, a tankless system can keep you connected with an app for analytics on water usage and send notifications about your system.

Safeguard the Health and Safety of Your Hotel

Legionella, which is a bacteria that can lead to a dangerous strain of pneumonia, can flourish in commercial water storage tanks. A tankless system reduces the risk of pollutants and bacteria growing in your system.

Eliminates Excess Storage

Switching to a tankless hot water heater in your Plano hotel means you’re not giving up valuable space for hot water storage and can instead focus on the guest experience. Whether you need more room for laundry or operational needs, you can free it up by getting rid of your traditional tank.

Contact DNA Plumbing for Your Tankless Water Heater

Make sure your guests enjoy the hot water they deserve every time they turn on their shower. Investing in a tankless water heater in Plano can create favorable reviews and build the perception that your hotel is reliable and worth the stay. Call DNA Plumbing today to discuss a tankless water heater installation in Plano or get help with all of your commercial plumbing in Plano.

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