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Plano Garbage Disposal Services

Reliable Plumbers for Your Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens will feel unfinished in the absence of a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals supply a solution for waste that would otherwise make a mess or an unpleasant scent. Waste material is cleanly chopped and rinsed right down the drain rather than cluttering up the sink and obstructing piping. Garbage disposals make kitchen tasks easier and provide a more sanitary alternative to throwing out old food.

When damaged or clogged, these appliances will also become sizable issues. Food that should get rinsed down the drain with a working disposal can cause unpleasant odors and unclean conditions. A safety risk will additionally be created through impaired garbage disposals. Fortunately, D-N-A Plumbing Services is always ready for service or installation of a garbage disposal in Plano and the surrounding areas. Our credible, esteemed garbage disposal offerings will make everything effortless.

Do you need garbage disposal repair or installation services? Call us right away at (214) 935-3969!

Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals often don’t take very much in the manner of maintenance. The most important thing is to be mindful of the items you put down in the disposal, so you can avoid costly repairs or early replacement.

To make sure your appliance is at top condition, avoid putting these items down the disposal:

  • Fibrous foods: Certain fibrous foods ought never to go down the disposal. These items can entangle themselves around the teeth of the disposal and place pressure on the motor. Fibrous food samples are carrots, corn husks, artichokes, onion skins, and asparagus. If you need to place them in the disposal, deposit small amounts at a time and ample amounts of cold tap water.
  • Starchy foods: Starchy foods additionally create trouble for garbage disposals. Starches will absorb water, expand, and gradually harden into a paste-like substance. This hardened paste will form an obstruction in your plumbing and can hinder your disposal’s performance. Potatoes, rice, beans, and pasta are just some examples of starchy foods.
  • Grease and oil: Grease and oil are maybe the most important items to avoid with disposals to avoid creating major problems. Grease and oil will collect and obstruct your drain, but they may additionally coat your device’s teeth, making them less efficient. Furthermore, oil and grease can begin to rot and smell bad as time passes.
  • Egg shells: Regardless of rumors to the contrary, egg shells do not help garbage disposal. They don’t strengthen the blades but instead create detritus that gets stuck in your pipes. Egg shells can leave behind a sand-like substance that does not move through your pipes. Instead, they will become lodged in your pipes, and eventually become a clog.

One of the most common problems with garbage disposals is persistent odors. If you wish to prevent this, periodically grind some lemon or orange wedges down the disposal. You may also put in baking soda and let it sit for a few hours before running the disposal with water.

Get Your Garbage Disposal Back on Track

For all your garbage disposal problems, rely on the professional team at D-N-A Plumbing Services. When it comes to this much-needed kitchen appliance, go with the experts who can perform complete maintenance, repair, and replacement work.

Phone us right away at (214) 935-3969 for any questions or to schedule a garbage disposal service in Plano. If you find yourself needing emergency repairs, our team is ready.

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